3 -day Fall Colon  Cleanse Event - home option

Professional cleanses better results!

This plan includes the following;

  1. All system detox herbal tincture - All herbal detox is several detoxifying herbs that increase cellular activity and elmination cost $40.00
  2. Colon-Plus - This organic herbal tinture contains herbs that have been show to be of great benefit to supporting healthy Colon function. 35.00
  3. Dr.Tyran Mincey's Promega Balance - This formula is created to support cell problems caused by damage also called inflammation. ingredients: 1000mg EPA,DHA and Black seed oil in nonpork capsule. $50.00
  4. Total probiotics - The wonderful probiotic formula add several specied of probiotic back into the gut. They are sources of better immunity and gut health. 50.00
  5. intesti-tea for cleanse - This tea consists of several plant know to gently cleanse and norurish the colon. Ingredients - mint, fenugreek, fennel. 15.00
  6. Tea ball infusers make it easy ti use loose leaf tea efficiently $5.50
  7. Castor oil pack - As a little know antiinflammatory, castor oil plays an essential role in healing and cleansing: pack contains 9oz of organic castor oil, 1 piece of organic cotton flannel, $27.00
  8. Organic Marjoram essential oil 1/2oz - purifying and invigorating, or
  9. Organic Rosemary Essential Oil 1/2 oz detoxifyng.
  10. 24 hour access to 20 minute video cleanse workship with Dr.Mincey

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USD 267.00

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